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Integrate insurance marketplace quotation form API to an affiliate

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This is a Great  Moment for us to announce a designer job for our company, The candidate who falls in the criteria can apply. We'll call the candidates who are eligible for an interview. We are searching for a Senior Developer with quite a long while of experience in Python. We have a current (work-in-progress) content to advance area information with address, site, telephone. We might want to improve it as depicted underneath.

  • The content as of now does the accompanying:

  • They may have various sorts dependent on the shop characteristic

  • Check if an area is feeling the loss of a location, site, or telephone number

  • On the off chance, site, or telephone number is feeling the loss of, the content calls the Google Maps Places API

  • The content at that point calls the API to direct a Google Search and recover all outcomes for that search.

We will give the current content to qualified specialists.


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